MEPCO periodically paticipates and provides pension expertise in various events such as the AMO Annual Conference. The Events area provides links to presentations from the sessions as soon as they are available.

2019 AMO Annual Conference

If you are registered for the conference, be sure to attend the MEPCO Insight Breakfast at the 2019 AMO Annual Conference

Monday, August 19, 7:15 - 8:00 AM - MEPCO: Promoting Municipal Employer Interest
Created by AMO in 2007, the Municipal Employers Pension Centre of Ontario allows AMO to fullfill its responsibilities as a Sponsor representative of the $97 billion OMERS plan. It provides AMO-appointed members of the OMERS Boards with the resources they need to navigate governance decisions that can have a major impact on municipal employers and municipal employees. Find out how MEPCO is providing a vital role in safeguarding the pension interests of municipalities of Ontario.

2018 AMO Annual Conference

Assessing the OMERS Plan Today to Meet the Future:
A 100-year Focus: Ensuring the OMERS Plan Remains Sustainable for Generations to Come