January 16, 2006
(All 382 Municipal Governments that are OMERS Employers
Should Read this Alert Immediately)
Response to Minister Gerretsen’s December 20th letter to Heads of Council and AMO letter to Northumberland Today.

AMO’s Action:
At Standing Committee hearings in December, the interests of OMERS employers, municipal governments and property tax payers were fundamentally ignored. The result is a Bill that a number of stakeholders have described as deeply flawed.

On December 20, 2005, Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Gerretsen wrote to all Heads of Council setting out the Government’s position on Bill 206.

In response to the letter, AMO President Roger Anderson is writing to all Heads of Council in a letter attached to this Alert. AMO’s letter is intended to assist municipal councils in considering the real impacts of Bill 206.

There has been considerable debate in Ontario about Bill 206. The debate has been intense. For example, a January12th article in Northumberland Today describes an exchange at Northumberland County Council with MPP Lou Rinaldi. It is linked to this Alert for your information. AMO has responded to the article with a letter to the Editor of the paper, which is attached.

AMO has requested an opportunity to make another presentation to the Standing Committee on Bill 206 later this month as it proceeds to Second Reading consideration. We will continue to keep members informed of developments on this important matter.

Your Action:
Members are encouraged to work with their MPPs, local chambers of commerce, and residential and business taxpayer groups to ensure they understand the implications of Bill 206. AMO’s website (members and subscribers only) contains information that can help you locally.