November 15, 2012

Municipal government employers represent 36% of the OMERS active members (not including Toronto or other municipal boards and commissions). In 2006, AMO was identified in law as the representative body for municipal governments enrolled in OMERS. The governance structure is based on a Sponsors Corporation (SC) and an Administration Corporation (OAC).
The SC replaced the Government of Ontario as Plan sponsor. The SC determines Plan design and is responsible for determining changes to benefits and contribution rates, setting compensation levels and appointment protocol for both Boards. The SC’s Board of Directors has 14 members including seven employer representatives and seven employee representatives, with total equal votes for employers’ sponsors and employees’ sponsors.

The OAC manages the Plan’s day to day operations including the Investment Strategy, Plan valuation and Pension benefit administration. The OAC’s Board of Directors has 14 members including seven employer representatives and seven employee representatives each with an equal vote.

Terms of members of both Boards are staggered and several positions were up for review by various employer and employee sponsors. For AMO, there were three (3) positions to consider and MEPCO confirmed the following:
  • Bruce Stewart is reappointed for another term on the Sponsors Corporation (SC). Bruce has practiced labour law for 44 years and acted as employer counsel for many public sector organizations and brings his skills and knowledge on benefits and advances municipal interests and credible ideas for Plan sustainability for consideration by the other SC employer and employee representatives. Bruce is passionate about reducing contribution rates as part of our sustainability objectives.
  • Both of AMO’s representatives to the OMERS Administration Corporation (OAC) were up for consideration. Fred Biro has been reappointed. He is CEO of the Peel Police Services Board (since 1991) and was Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Police Boards. He is a former OMERS Board member including time as Chair. He has a strong background in many areas including governance, communication and strategic perspectives on matters such as OMERS asset mix. Fred brings a solid and varied experience to the AC and his understanding of the history and administration of the pension plan is invaluable.
  • Michael Fenn is our new appointee to the OAC. Michael brings 11 years as a municipal senior administrator and seven years as a provincial Deputy Minister (Municipal Affairs and Housing and Community Safety). He has served as CEO of several Crown agencies and other organizations, providing leadership to establish new organizations or to provide direction to organizations in transition. In the 90’s Michael served on the OMERS Board and for the last
five years has been a member of the MEPCO Board of Directors. Michael has a tremendous appreciation for the many varied stakeholders that depend on OMERS success and his background and experience will be a solid addition to the OAC.

MEPCO’s website contains some helpful background information on its role, proposals presented to help bring sustainability to the Plan and other information to help municipal employers when it comes to OMERS.

The Municipal Employers Pension Centre of Ontario (MEPCO)
MEPCO is a not‐for‐profit corporation, created by AMO, to ensure that its employer representatives on the OMERS Sponsors Corporation and Administrative Corporation are informed well‐resourced and supported by leading pension expertise. MEPCO can raise and manage funds, hire experts who will provide appropriate research and information, and share insights with others as needed