December 18, 2013

OMERS has recently announced both reappointments and new appointments of Directors to the Administration (OAC) and Sponsors Corporation (SC) Boards. The OAC Board appointments result from a new recruitment and appointment process put in place to implement the Report recommendations of the 2012 OMERS Act Review (Tony Dean) to move to a higher capacity OAC Board, with the necessary competencies to strengthen OMERS governance.

The newly appointed OAC Board Directors on the fifteen member Board include: Lloyd Komori (AMO) and Darcie Beggs (CUPE). Jim Phillips (Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies) Sheila Vandenberk (Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation) and Bill Aziz (Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association) were reappointed. Bill Aziz previously served as an AMO OAC Board representative.

Lloyd Komori was recommended for appointment by the AMO/MEPCO Boards after a comprehensive recruitment process. Lloyd brings a solid background in pension investment and risk management and corporate governance to his OAC Board duties. Lloyd joins Michael Fenn, who is the other current AMO OAC Board Director. Newly appointed Directors to the SC Board include: Tim Maguire (CUPE) and Fred Biro (Ontario Association of Police Services Boards). Fred Biro previously served as an AMO OAC Board Director. Paul Bailey (Retiree Groups), Wayne McNally (Ontario Public School Boards Association and Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association) and Bruce Miller (Police Association of Ontario) were reappointed. Marianne Love (CoChair) and Bruce Stewart continue as AMO representatives on the SC Board.

The appointment of George Cooke, new Independent OAC Board Chair, was announced earlier by OMERS and became effective October 1, 2013 for a three year term. The recent Director appointments to both Boards are for three year terms and are effective January 1, 2014.

Two appointments to the current OAC Board are outstanding and will be considered by the Sponsors Corporation Board in the near future. The remaining seven OAC Board seats are to be reviewed in 2014 and 2015.