February 27, 2017

On February 24, 2017, the OMERS Administration Corporation (OAC) announced that the 2016 OMERS investment return rate was 10.3% (net of investment expenses), exceeding the investment benchmark target of 7.9%, as well as the 6.7% net return in 2015.
The 2016 return reflects stronger investment performance from diverse private equity, infrastructure and real estate assets. The OMERS Plan is now 93.4% funded as a result of the 2016 investment returns and member and employer contributions, compared with 91.5% at the end of 2015.  This 2016 result means that the plan remains on track to return to full funding by 2025.  Meeting funding requirements and the operation of the Primary Plan Funding Management Strategy approved by the Sponsors Corporation Board, are key to maintaining long term OMERS Plan sustainability.

The 2016 investment return and the $3.9 billion in employer and employee contributions (10.7% per side) bring net Plan assets to $85.2 billion, up from $77.1 billion at the end of 2015.