2016 AMO Conference
August 14-17, 2016 | Windsor, Ontario

OMERS Administration Corporation Priorities,
OMERS Sustainability and Impacts of CPP Enhancements
MEPCO hosted a Concurrent Session at the 2016 AMO Annual Conference:

When: Monday, August 15, 2016 | 3:30 – 4:45 p.m.

Where: Caesars Windsor – Forum C | 377 Riverside Drive East, Windsor Ontario

  • James Koo, Actuary, AON
  • George Cooke, OMERS Administration Corporation Board Chair
  • Marianne Love, OMERS Sponsors Corporation Board Co-Chair and AMO Representative to OMERS
Those attending the AMO Conference were invited to take part in the session and learn more about the sustainability of the OMERS Pension Plan.

The Plan’s long-term health is fundamental to the retirement of thousands of municipal employees. How do we ensure that the Plan can deliver on its pension promise and be affordable for employers?

Attendees learned more about:
  • Key OMERS priorities
  • Sustainability challenges
  • How changes to the Canada Pension Plan will affect OMERS
Individual municipal councils have virtually no opportunity to directly influence decisions made by OMERS. Yet, an OMERS contribution rate change can have a major impact on local budgets. MEPCO provides the opportunity for municipal employers to pool resources and speak with one strong, well-informed voice.