MEPCO is the mechanism by which municipal employers can influence OMERS and speak with one strong, well-informed voice. MEPCO supports the municipal employer perspective to OMERS-related decisions by:
  • Analyzing the impact of pension issues on municipal employers.
  • Evaluating and influencing proposed Plan changes.
  • Influencing OMERS decision making and planning by ensuring needed skills and experience are brought to the two OMERS Corporations: Sponsors (SC) and Administration (AC).
  • Supporting representatives and subsequently the MEPCO membership, with advice, tools, professional actuarial and legal advice on Plan design, funding, growth and other matters.
  • Advising MEPCO membership of Plan and related changes through timely communications.

Emerging Priorities for 2020

The OMERS Corporation continues its work examining Plan sustainability and ensuring its Board’s are positioned to undertake this complex and complicated work.

The 2020 work plan supports MEPCO member municipalities specific to the following priorities:
  1. Governance Modernization: The Sponsors Corporation will continue to modernize its governance structure and functions aligning with the need to address Plan sustainability.
  2. Plan Sustainability: OMERS will continue to undertake research and engagement related to Plan sustainability.

2020 Work Plan Goals

In 2020, MEPCO will be committed to:

  • Support AMO SC representatives as the SC Board deals with its own strategic future Plan design work and governance reform.
  • Align and consolidate OMERS employer sponsors and key stakeholders on positions, messaging responding to governance and Plan evolution.

  • Strengthen relationships with key partners/stakeholders to build understanding and input/influence.
  • Establish a communication strategy to support strengthening influence, relationships and plan development and evolution.

2020 Work Plan Actions:

  1. Establish a communications plan including key messaging regarding MEPCO positions on OMERS SC and AC Board initiatives. Undertake, as appropriate, webinars, MEPCO Updates, AMO Watch File articles, education events to inform both MEPCO members, municipal councillors, key partners and stakeholders.
  2. Strengthen information sharing and alignment on OMERS issues and initiatives with LUMCO, Regional and Single Tier CAOs and with LUMCO/MARCO political tables.
  3. Prepare member municipalities that have paramedic services with the information and tools they need to prepare for negotiations about NRA 60 status for paramedics.
  4. Identify and reach out to OMERS employers to consolidate and align employer perspectives.
  5. Undertake outreach to OMERS municipalities to strengthen and maintain voluntary MEPCO membership and membership relations on the role of MEPCO and its accomplishments.
  6. Strengthen relationship with OMERS including providing profile at AMO events where appropriate. Increase influence on initiatives and decisions through strengthened relationship and understanding:
    • Regular dialogue between the MEPCO Board and the OAC Board Chair and the OMERS President and CEO;
    • AMO liaison with OMERS senior OAC/SC staff on OMERS matters to assist in maintaining good MEPCO/OMERS relations.
Policy Analysis and Development:
Monitoring/assessing priority OMERS initiatives, including:
  1. Analyze, understand and communicate changes to plan assumptions or components of the OMERS Investment Strategy, any future proposed Plan changes and their impacts on returning OMERS to full funding and on the Primary Plan Funding Management Strategy (FMS).     
  2. Conduct analysis of CPP phase-in and integration – understand and develop employers’ position.
  3. Conduct analysis of employer impact on part-time employee enrollment in OMERS plan including scenarios of part-time employee constituencies.
  4. Monitor developments related to legislation/regulatory change in the framework for the operation of OMERS and other public sector pension plans in Ontario.
  5. Monitor the performance of the OMERS Investment Strategy (private and capital markets) and the focus on risk management and effectiveness of newly developed OAC risk management statements.

2020 MEPCO Budget/Operational Considerations

  1. Undertake a review MEPCO budget and reserve fund management.
  2. Be proactive on future Board change and appointments.
  3. Review current actuary support and contract.